What is a Parental Payment?

A parental payment is a form of transport assistance that we provide if it is not possible or appropriate to provide a seat on a vehicle. It is a contribution towards the cost of alternative arrangements, not a full reimbursement of costs.

We will notify you if we are awarding a parental payment.

You cannot ‘choose’ to receive a parental payment or ‘swap’ another form of transport assistance that you have been awarded to receive a payment instead.

We will not award a parental payment if there is a suitable transport service operating in your area.

Parental payments do not impact on any other benefits or income that your household receives. The payment is tax free as the payment is made for your child for the purpose of home to school transport assistance.

How much will I receive?

There are two types of parental payment – annual or monthly – and we will advise you of which type of payment you will receive.

    Annual Parental Payment:

    • These are typically for children attending mainstream schools.
    • You claim online each year and receive a single payment to cover the full school year.
    • Your payment is based on the distance from your home to your nearest suitable school, which we calculate based on the nearest available route.
    • One payment is made per family, regardless of the number of children or schools attended. The distance to the furthest away school is used to calculate the payment if your children attend different schools.

    Payment rates are as follows:

    Mileage Band

    Distance from home to school

    Annual Payment

    Band A

    0-4 miles


    Band B

    4–10 miles


    Band C

    10–15 miles


    Band D

    15+ miles


    Monthly Parental Payment:

    • These are typically for children who have a special transport need and are attending special educational provision.
    • A daily rate is calculated, that reflects the distance from home to school based on the nearest available route and your child’s additional transport needs.
    • You submit a claim online each month based on the number of days your child actually attended school in the previous month.

    How do I claim my Parental Payment?

    Please note that you can only submit a claim if you have been formally advised by the EA that you have been awarded a Parental Payment.

    Annual Parental Payment

    You must submit a claim every year. Parents will be advised of the opening and closing dates for applications each year.

    Monthly Parental Payment

    You must submit a claim every month.

    Claims must be submitted by the start of the following month e.g., February’s claim should be submitted at the beginning of March. Claims received more than three months after the late date of attendance claimed will not be paid.

    Your claim will not be processed until the school has verified the attendance details.

    If the attendance details are verified within the dates outlined in the payment schedule (table below) you will receive payment by the end of the same month. Verified claims received after this date will be paid by the end of the following month.

    Month Attendance verification to be
    completed by school in order for
    the claim to be processed in
    time for payment
    Payment received by parent
    April 2021 9 Apr 2021 23 Apr 2021
    May 2021 14 May 2021 28 May 2021
    Jun 2021 11 Jun 2021 25 Jun 2021
    Jul 2021 16 Jul 2021 30 Jul 2021
    Aug 2021 13 Aug 2021 27 Aug 2021
    Sep 2021 10 Sep 2021 24 Sep 2021
    Oct 2021 8 Oct 2021 22 Oct 2021
    Nov 2021 12 Nov 2021 26 Nov 2021
    Dec 2021 3 Dec 2022 17 Dec 2021
    Jan 2022 14 Jan 2022 28 Jan 2022
    Feb 2022 11 Feb 2022 25 Feb 2022
    Mar 2022 11 Mar 2022 25 Mar 2022